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Pizza + Sustainability

At Este Park City we are committed to sustainability & the environment. Our efforts include:

Meatless Options Vegan options are always available. Join us for your Meatless Monday Meal!

Recycling every possible item we can. Aluminum, glass, tin, office paper, cardboard, plastic, etc. 

LED Lighting We have changed 98% of our lighting to LED bulbs.

Composting We compost ALL food waste. Everything from vegetable scraps to leftovers from your meal. 

Water Use We make every effort to save water. When water is left from your meal we pour it into potted plants or water the landscape outside. 

Subscriber Solar Member We currently receive 7,200kWh of renewable energy annually our goal is 100% renewable over the next 5 years. 

Programable Thermostat Temperatures are adjusted based on occupancy to save energy. 

Recycled Paper Products 95% of our paper products are made from recycled paper (including our toilet paper!) 

Recycle Utah Green Business Member & Zest for Zero Award winner Visit to learn more and see what other great, local businesses are striving for sustainability! 

If you have any questions or ideas of how we can further our environmental commitments please email 

Thank you!!